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The first to third of May 2009


We spent the long May weekend in parish of Wałbrzych (West of Poland).We visited some pitoresque villages around the city. We saw a lot of interesting places of Góry Sowie and Góry Wałbrzyskie.The planning of this trip was full of places to see:

Unisław, Mieroszów, Chełmsko Śl., Kamienna Góra (Church of Grace, Museum of Weaving), Bolków, Świerardów, Szczawno Zdrój, Jedlina Zdrój, Sztolnie Walimskie, Zagórze Śl., Bystrzycę Grn., Świdnicę (Church of Peace and the city of Świdnica), Wałbrzych i Jawor (Church of Peace and the city of Jawor).

We had a great tourst guide Mr Hartmut Felkel from Wałbrzych. We are thankful for his service.

During Sunday mass we gave the concert.

This trip was so great that we will keep in mind the moment we shared together.


The 5th of April 2009
The concert of Fast in Jaworze Protestant Church.


the 6 -8th of March 2009
"You can see the face of God everywhere if you only want to see his face
That weekend of March the band Cantate was in Pisz (Mazury District) where
we gave a few concerts.The occasion was very splendid.







The 17th of January 2009
That day the charity's concert took place in the Catholic Church of
Trójca Przenajświętsza in Bielsko-Biała.The parents of a little Irena
were collecting money for expensive hospitalisation of the child.
Below the bands which participated in that concert:
-choir Gloriam Dei (the choirmaster is O.Zeman)
-Cantate( the choirmaster is M.Penkala-Ogrodnik)
-kids band of Jaworze Protestant parish (the choirmaster is E.Binek-Pytlowany)
-Beata Raszkiewcz-soprano
-K.Karcz-organ player
-A.Golonka-organ player




the 24th of July 2008

That day we gave the concert during Jakubowe Dni* in the Church of

Jakub Starszy in Ustroń Centrum.