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Cantate (the church band) has existed for 10 years. At the beginning, young people of Jaworze parish were members of the band, nowadays a few persons from Stare Bielsko parish belong to Cantate, too. We sing the song of
chorus as well as the religious songs of thank goodness. Cantate sings
especially during the mass of different religious celebrations.
We use to take part in the Festival of the Chorus of Diecezja Cieszyńska*.
We give concerts in the churches of other religions but also in charity assistance houses.
Our church band travels a lot. During last 10 years we were in Mrągowo,
Ryn, Sopot, Warszawa, Konin, Toruń, Zabrze, Bytom-Miechowice and Lasowice.
Few times, we gave concerts in the partner-parishes which are situated
abroad:the parish of Trzanowice (Czech Republic) and the parish of Sandhausen
(Germany).Since the beginning the choirmaster is Małgorzata
Penkala-Ogrodnik. The repetitions take place every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the parish-room in Jaworze
(address:Kościelny Circus 25). 25 persons belong to Cantate presently.
Love for music and enthusiasm for singing of thank goodness characterize
the members of the band.


*Diecezja Cieszyńska-for Protestants is the district on the South of Poland,
each protestant parish near the city of Cieszyn belongs to this district,